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Le Tour de Fleece 2017 - it's on!

Mount up everyone...time to spin! Every year Le Tour de Fleece coincides with the Tour de France, challenging spinners to set goals and spin with the cyclers every day. This year's challenge is a doozy.

Meet the participants on Team Ten Good Sheep:

Christopher (aka - the initiator) (and the recipient of the finished project)

Mom B. (aka the matriarch and knitter in chief)

Last but not least, shepherdess Karyn and Bunky the wonder ram.

I will be spinning and Bunky has provided his lamb fleece and second clip for the project.

More in depth backstories to follow as well as step by step updates of the race. Over hills, around curves...this will be a slow project executed at a semi-fast pace.

Stay tuned and Vive le Fibre!

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