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Authentically artistic & certifiably cute...

It's more than a tagline.

It's our lighthearted description of living life in the slow lane and in harmony with our flock and the seasons.


Gentle, peaceful, nurturing for the flock and the shepherds and the soul.

Slow yarn, slow fiber, slow animal tending.

Unhurried fibers with heart and authenticity, grown by animals raised in quiet seclusion with room to roam and lush pastures to graze.


Welcome to Ten Good Sheep.  Breathe deeply and visit with us for a while.

Ten Good Sheep begins with this little daydreamer

This Little Bo Peep was born to tend sheep.


She remembers being on a Girl Scout field trip when she was about 9 years old.

A very old woman in a long skirt was demonstrating spinning on a spinning wheel to a gaggle of giggling little girls.  That sole memory of the long-ago field trip was the seed that would germinate decades later.

Bo Peep meets her shepherd (and fiber enabler)

It was finally time for the fiber seed planted in her childhood to emerge.


The shepherd of her heart became the shepherd of her flock

the day he bought her the first of many spinning wheels.

But what about fiber to spin on that beautiful little spinning wheel?


As any spinner can tell you, you can never have too much fiber.  So.........

The shepherd built the first of many barns, learned to birth lambs, learned to shear properly and learned to love sheep.

He helped the sheep to provide so much fiber that searching for new ways to creatively use the luxurious locks became a full time pursuit.  Ten Good Sheep was born from that labor of love.  


In our studio today we use the fiber from a wide variety of different animals, from the Romney/Columbia, Babydoll Southdown and Teeswater of our own flock, to baby alpaca, Tibetan yak, baby camel, silk and more.


Black Sheep Farm is the home of our flock of sheep, assorted chickens, ducks, turkeys, honey bees and miniature dairy goats.


In 2016 we added our first livestock guardian dogs to the mix.  Cardinal Woolsey and Admiral Woolsey (Cardie and Addy) are 3/4 Great Pyrenees and 1/4 Maremma.  They have added an important layer of security and well-being to our farm and flock. And, they're both certifiably cute.  They should fit right in.

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