Our charming all natural nesting balls/ornaments are great sellers in a variety of seasons.


Christmas ornament shoppers love them, and so do bird enthusiasts. While they can start out indoors on a Christmas tree, after the holidays they can be put on an outside branch to encourage nesting birds to use the soft wool while they're weaving their new homes. Each one comes with an adorable tag bearing the name of the sheep that's sponsoring the wool. Some of the names you'll find in your set include, Lamborghini, Wendolyn, Meredith, Wooliam, Sparky, Teddy and more.

Rustic bird nesting balls/holiday ornaments (sets of 14)

  • Your order is individualized from start to finish.

    Each nesting ball/ornament includes the adorable hang tag with a different name from a member of our flock.


    Our turn time is typically from 7 to 14 days for this item.

    You may schedule your order for and advanced ship date.


    Call the studio to place an order over the phone or to discuss your shop's needs at 757-243-1400.


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