Knitting and crochet are HOT and about a third of your customers are fans of needle crafts. Those that aren't have friends that are.


Our earrings start out as hand dyed yarn from our studio. Some speckled, all variagated, perfectly artistic.


Each set of 12 will have a wide variety of colors so that no two pair are the same. We plan for enough variety to have 3 different sets available with no repeating colorways, so if you'd like to order more than a dozen, we'll fix you up with a great selection.


Hardware is stainless steel and the earring cards are printed with that info.


Hand dyed mini yarn skein earrings - each pair different (sets of a dozen)

  • Your order is individualized from start to finish.


    Our turn time is typically from 7 to 14 days for this item.

    You may schedule your order for an advanced ship date.


    Call the studio to place an order over the phone or to discuss your shop's needs at 757-243-1400.


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